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The Flight 
White gold, diamonds, sapphires
To grow up – a future which is certain to all beings, to flourish and mature over the years. The caged bird always dreams to take flight… If you offer it all your love and it’s freedom, hopefully it will grow to become like the swallow - a messenger annoncing spring and it’s eternal return.
As wrote Victor Hugo on his 18th birthday;
"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart."
The gift of a swallow is symbolically wishing a loved one an eternal spring. 
The Cherry Blossoms
Pink gold, diamonds, sapphires, pink opals.
Cherry tree blossoms symbolize « life » and its’ constant development - the story of life and it’s numerous chapters. It only flourishes one week a year, symbol of purity, beauty and happiness, like the love of children.
"The awakening of children is like
the opening of flowers." 
Victor Hugo
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